“Wow that’s AMAZING”

That’s the usual reaction from every guest at every wedding we attend with our Hashtag Printers. I am writing this post on a Monday morning after been at three brilliant weddings over the weekend and its overwhelming the positive reaction that our product receives at every event by every guest. Its a satisfying feeling showing guests how they can use their own phones to take and upload pictures and how within a few seconds they are printed as stunning prints they can take home as mementos.

‚ÄčIts always nice to see the pictures guests have taken throughout the day printed and displayed on our light up trees that accompany our printer, creating a beautiful storyboard from the day. These quickly become a focal point for guests, perusing the memories that have been captured throughout the day, memories that would usually be resigned to a smartphone forever, but with our help turned into something that can be shared and cherished.

‚ÄčIf you are getting married or putting together any event and are looking for something that will leave your guests saying “Wow that’s AMAZING!” then get in touch and lets see how we can make the memories from your day last a lifetime