Covid Update 2021



Throughout 2020 like every other wedding and events business we had a huge amount of disruption with couples having to reschedule dates, often numerous times while not knowing what was best to do in very fast changing circumstances.

Now into 2021 it does look likely that unfortunately this year we have further disruption and limitations on weddings. If you have a booking with us be assured we will do everything we can to assist you at this difficult time, including;

  • We are happy to amend booking dates where possible. As we have capacity to operate at numerous events simultaneously it does give us the flexibility required to move around bookings.
  • Limiting 2021 bookings. We have decided to only take additional bookings to a maximum of 20% of our regular workload, this will ensure that any 2020 couples or 2021 couples who need to amend the dates will have priority for amendments.
  • Refund and Payment.  Couples making bookings are asked for just a £50 deposit to secure the date, the balance can be paid usually just a week before the wedding date. This has been a real advantage at this time as we are not holding large deposits from our customers. If anyone does have to cancel their wedding date due to Covid we are more than happy to refund any money paid.
  • Compliance. We don’t yet know what restrictions will be imposed on events and weddings in the near future, rest assured that our team will be happy to follow all safety guidance to ensure that your guests are safe.

It has also become evident that Hashtag Printing is I believe the safest way to provide pictures at weddings in the near future, here are a few advantages our product offers for safety in a “New Normal” future;

  • Guests use their own phone (or device) to take and upload the images. This ensures that any contact with unclean surfaces is eliminated.
  • The pictures can be taken anywhere. Unlike a traditional photobooth guests can take and upload images from anywhere, so no enclosed spaces, guests can be outside and spaced appropriately to ensure safety.
  • Accessible from anywhere in the world. If your friends and family have Instagram or Twitter they can upload and print pictures during your event from anywhere around the world. So if it becomes impossible for some guests to travel to your event from overseas or maybe they are having to shield in the UK, they can still be involved in sharing images and printing pictures during your wedding day.
  • Remote operation. We have operated for a few events remotely in 2020 where we have printed the images without been present, or even the guests been present, although this is a poor substitute for our usual offering its still a possibility for some events which no other product offers. If you would like more information on this and the reduced pricing for such a service please just get in touch.


From all the team here at Hashtag Printing we wanted to say we hope that as 2021 progresses things get easier for everyone and we start to get back to the fun times we all yearn for, until then stay safe!