Prop or Not?

To prop or not to prop???… that is the question!

That is a question often asked by customers, and we don’t really have an answer. We focus on distinguishing our product from the “basic regular” photobooths that customers have seen for years. As such we highlight the superb advantages of our product and how its a little bit more grown up than needing novelty props and some crazy glasses to make it fun… as such we don’t provide props with our product but many of our customers still ask if they could provide there own and we are always happy for them to do so.

The results? Guests do use them, it can be a little bit of an icebreaker at first to get the ball rolling but over all we find before long they ditch them in favour of some pouting!

What I do find interesting is when guests use filters on Instagram and Snap chat to add effects, this always looks great and it really compliments our service the fact that they can take a picture on their phone, add some bunny ears, glasses, floral crown, butterflies…. and print it out a few seconds later.

So if your wondering “To Prop or not to prop”… that’s your call… But whatever you decide we will be on hand to ensure your guests have great fun and print out the maximum number of pictures they can so you all have heaps of lasting memories….. (Even if you are wearing a Rastafarian hat!)