Oh My Goodwood!

The Goodwood Revival has a reputation for been somewhat unique, mixing together vintage style and classic cars it creates something that has to be seen to be believed. Wherever you look the attention to detail is exceptional, all the guests and staff are dressed in authentic vintage clothing as they stroll around the site with the constant roar of iconic cars providing the backdrop of sound.

​We helped Walls Ice-cream with the beach they created, ensuring all the visitors who fancied uploading a selfie on social media not only received a beautiful keepsake to take home but also a free ice-cream! Now that’s a way to drive social media engagement.

​This was also a unique event for us as we made some alterations to our set up so that rather than printing every picture with the specified hashtag, which considering the tens of thousands of guests could have been overwhelming , we added a print on demand screen. The small touchscreen that sat on the top of our printer box enabled the event staff of Walls to simply search and click to print the guests image instantly.